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Auto Injury & Seatbelts

Are Seatbelts still really an issue today? I remember when I was a kid and my Mother’s right arm was my ‘seatbelt’ when she had to brake fast. Fast brake . . . .WHAM! -There went her right arm over my upper body. Heaven forbid I was in the backseat and didn’t have my Mom’s right arm; I would just land on the floor. Back then, however, cars were made out of real, hard, tough, virtually indestructible steel. I do not recall anyone, EVER, being in a moderate to severe car accident.

Today, it seems 1/2 the articles I read in the news state that either the driver, passenger(s), or both were not using their seatbelt. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but I am just shocked each time I read that one does not use their seatbelt. Courtesy public service announcement of the day . . .cars aren’t made like they used to be. In those news articles I previously mentioned, many of those involved in the automobile accident who did not use their seatbelt end up dead on arrival. Maybe they just don’t care enough; or, maybe we just don’t read the same news articles.