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Paul Harris Fellow

Lisa became a Paul Harris Fellow and received her medallion on Tuesday night, December 10, 2013.  Matt is a 3x Paul Harris Fellow and received his medallion a couple years ago.  What is a Paul Harris Fellow you ask?    It is someone who has contributed, or in whose honor or memory has contributed $1000.00 to The Rotary Foundation.  Well, then what is The Rotary Foundation?  According to Rotary.org, the “mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.”  Funds are used by people, people who volunteer, Rotarians, and they volunteer in your local community and around the world.  But for Paul Harris Fellows this mission would be difficult to achieve. 


Auto Injury & Seatbelts

Are Seatbelts still really an issue today? I remember when I was a kid and my Mother’s right arm was my ‘seatbelt’ when she had to brake fast. Fast brake . . . .WHAM! -There went her right arm over my upper body. Heaven forbid I was in the backseat and didn’t have my Mom’s right arm; I would just land on the floor. Back then, however, cars were made out of real, hard, tough, virtually indestructible steel. I do not recall anyone, EVER, being in a moderate to severe car accident.

Today, it seems 1/2 the articles I read in the news state that either the driver, passenger(s), or both were not using their seatbelt. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but I am just shocked each time I read that one does not use their seatbelt. Courtesy public service announcement of the day . . .cars aren’t made like they used to be. In those news articles I previously mentioned, many of those involved in the automobile accident who did not use their seatbelt end up dead on arrival. Maybe they just don’t care enough; or, maybe we just don’t read the same news articles.