Candor & Fairness

Most laypersons do not know all of the rules lawyers are required to abide by in order to maintain their license to practice law.  Maintain their livelihood.   To continue to serve clients.

One of my favorite Rules of Professional conduct required by lawyers, as officers of the Court, is Candor toward the tribunal.  A lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement or fail to correct one of material fact or law.  Yes, even if this is unfavorable to your client.  Good lawyering means one would have already went over that with their client beforehand.

Another favorite Rule is fairness to the opposing party and Counsel.  A lawyer shall not obstruct access to evidence or Counsel or assist one in doing so.  The discovery process, or evidence-gathering stage, is very important but can become tremendously expensive.  Hence, is a reason why access to material having potential evidentiary value shall not be concealed.

While some take great pride in lawyer jokes, I take pride every day in trying to raise the bar and be the best lawyer I know how to be, for the people I serve

. . . my clients.









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